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Essential Christian Book List

There are impressive blog posts with images and links and amazon store commissions. This ain't one of those posts. My list doesn't contain the most recent pop culture Christian trends. Instead it's simple, dependable, filled with classics--some new, some old, and some perhaps forgotten.

*Note: I'm not calling anything a "must-read" except for the Bible. It's on a list all its own. It's the absolute most essential collection of written words ever, and if you need convincing, please read my previous post about it. 
These books help in your journey to better understanding the Bible, the Gospel, and your identity as a child of God:Study Bible (ESV/NLT/NIV/CSB)Reason for God, Tim KellerFaith is Not a Feeling, Ney BaileyThe Normal Christian Life, Watchman NeeMaster Plan of Evangelism, Robert ColemanMore Than a Carpenter, Josh McDowellThe 3D Gospel, Jayson GeorgesVictory Over the Darkness, Neil T. AndersonWith, Skye JethaniThe Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis Yo…
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Where are you, Keri?

Perhaps you've noticed a void in my posts this calendar year? It's not because I haven't been writing. It's actually because I've been writing MORE. I've written a book! Yep, an entire book, and I'm in process of exploring avenues of how to best share that book with you.

Details coming in 2019!

Where Are You, God?

Many times I will hear people express their desire to see God reveal Himself in ways similar to how He did in the Old Testament stories.

"If God is real, why don't we see the miracles?"

Like the water standing up in the Jordan river, bread falling from the sky in His provision, parting of the Red Sea to escape from our enemies.

In Joshua 3:7, the Lord gives us a glimpse into His motives,
"The Lord spoke to Joshua: 'Today I will begin to exalt you in the sight of all Israel, so they will know that I will be with you just as I was with Moses.'" {emphasis mine}

God gave some signs and wonders so that people would recognize His presence among His people. After Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection (the most marvelous sign and wonder!), God says that ALL who believe will receive His presence (Ephesians 1:13-14), and that people will recognize God's presence in His children by the love they show (John 13:35).

God is unchanging; His purpose is the …

Free Lock Screens to Renew Your Mind and Purpose

5 years ago I created the acronym WHY as a way of pausing before using my smartphone. I've shared with audiences both live and digital how important it is to be intentional with technology.

Here are 5 free lock screens from my most recent student conference--Big Break.

You can read more perspective on this topic in an article I wrote for Cru Winter Conference.

How to Stay Friends on Facebook (even in the midst of controversy)

                  Yes, this is a Facebook specific post because each online platform has its own distinct culture, and my experiences on Facebook are unique compared with other forums. 
Want to stay connected and share moments with friends but not get overwhelmed when controversy shows up? 
Facebook is the space where our connections are based on friendships, whereas other platforms can be more relationally removed and driven by subject—you follow accounts that feature your interests or inspirations, whether food, travel, world issues, self-improvement, etc. The average person on facebook (the exceptions being celebrities and business owners) interacts with a wide variety of people with whom they've spent time—former classmates, extended family, co-workers, people in your community, people from your former community. These dynamics create a unique online experience, which is what keeps people coming back for more, but also what can turn people off in an instance.
Some things to kee…

Our Reset Diet

After weeks of traveling and being sick, we need to reset. I'm sure there are concoctions of vinegar and cayenne pepper that people recommend drinking as a cleanse, but yeah...we're just not gonna do that. Instead, we're going to eat healthy foods and allow our bodies to heal naturally.

I don't have a name for this diet. I'm not joining a program or buying a cookbook, but instead I'm using my own smart brain that I have filled with knowledge of nutrition plus our trial and error experiences with food.

So here's the approved food. We're doing this for the next 4 weeks and will re-evaluate:

Organic fruits and veggies purchased raw and in season (i.e. no strawberries in January)Meat--only that which is purchased raw with a bone still attached and then cooked in my homeBroth--reserved from cooking the veggies and meats already listedHomemade bread using a variety of whole grains excluding wheatHomemade tortillas using corn masaLong-grain brown riceMaple syru…

The Consequences of Travel Food

Every time we travel it's the same story--

no place to prep and prepare our own groceries,
no time to prep and prepare fresh options,

so we grab fast things.
We rely on restaurants, packages, and "convenience."

But it's not convenient. The consequences come faster each time, and they are never convenient.

They manifest like this:

*migraines for hubby and youngest daughter
*anxiety for oldest daughter
*muscle pain and stiffness for 3 of 5 of us
*digestive issues, all 5
*lower immune system and catching a cold (this year 3 of 5)
*sluggishness, fogginess--4 of 5
*skin irritations like eczema and acne, 3 of 5
*lethargy and irritability, all 5

We combat with supplements--vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes. We up our defenses with essential oils and drinking lots of water. Those things help us from completely tanking for a short while, but if the travel is drawn out, they don't sustain us.

Nothing compares to healthy food and exercise (which also falls by the way…