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After eating peanut butter and other nuts with no prior complications, our little one went to the E.R. after eating a spoonful of cashews.  I didn't even think about it as I put them on her plate.  She wanted to eat squash for lunch (we were at my parents' house, and my mom makes some great fresh fried squash).  I thought, "she needs some protein too", so I grabbed a few cashews from the canister on the counter before Karl and I rushed out the door to go sign the papers for the offer on our house.  When we were reaching our destination, my dad called my cell, and explained that her eyes were suddenly swelling and itching.  After we talked for a few minutes about what to do next, they loaded up her (and the baby too) and went to the hospital in Azle, which is about a 20 minute drive away.  I talked with them along their car ride, and her condition was not worsening, so we decided that we would sign the papers and leave immediately to join them in the ER (which was about an hour from where we were).  

As we were signing the papers, Karl's dad was inspecting the house (he was a licensed home inspector a few years back).  While getting down from the roof, he slipped and fell and injured his back.  This happened within 5 minutes of getting the call about the allergy, and he knew we wanted to go back to be with her, so he insisted he was fine.  He was up and walking around.  We hesitated, but left anyway because
 we desperately wanted to get to our daughter.
When we reached the Azle Hospital, our daughter was just being released.  She did not look like herself--her eyes almost swolen shut.  She had been on an IV for the past hour, and they she had dramatically improved.  Between the last time I talked to my parents on the phone in the car (when the condition hadn't progressed) and the time they arrived at the E.R., her eyes had swolen shut, were blood red, and she had protruding hives all over her arms and legs.  My parents said that when the admitting nurse saw her, they didn't stop for paperwork or insurance, but rushed her to the back.  
We were so THANKFUL that they got there just in time!  We really feel like God held off her reaction and protected her.  This picture was taken at my parents house about 4 hours later, after her face had improved greatly.

Later that night, we learned that Karl's dad fractured his back.  He too went to the E.R. and had to stay the night.  He was severely injured, and we felt terrible for having left him (something we would never have done if not for the other situation).  He had to wear a back brace for weeks, and was restricted to only standing for a few minutes a day.  We were so sad for the situation, and at the same time, we were praising God that he did not land on his head or break his neck.  We felt THANKFUL that God protected him as well! This past week he had surgery, and is feeling much better.

These THANKFULNESS prayers seemed to be a theme for the week because not only did we experience that crazy day of events, but also within the same week, my parents laundry room caught on fire and one of our dearest friends was in a car accident.  In both incidents, THANKFULLY no one was hurt.  The fire dept. said my mom acted calm and cool, and did exactly what they would instruct a person to do (good thing, since it takes the Fire Dept. a half hour to get to their house in the country!), and our friend's car accident could have been worse if she or someone else had been injured.  We felt a hedge of God's protection around us and all our loved ones!

"Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances..." 1 Thess. 5:18

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