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Christmas Pictures

Christmas morning--matching pj's.  First Christmas! (Can't believe she'll turn one in less than a month). First curls.  

Holiday Failures

Before I describe our failures, let me explain that ever since Hampton Beach Summer Project 2007, we use the word "failure" not in a demeaning manor, not a beat-yourself-up-about-it-way, but just an accurate laugh-at-yourself-way of realizing something didn't go as planned.  This lingo (that morphed on that summer project) is a pretty common phrase around here.  Karl and his good friend Andy sometimes stack on the "failures"... "That was like 15 failures at once!", they'll laugh.  And sometimes they tack on a "bee-sting" at the end..."20 failures and a bee-sting!"  Now, I don't remember what a "bee-sting" is or how you measure when one has occurred, but I think it's a pretty significant blunder.  So maybe a better title for my post would be "Holiday Bee-Stings."  :) First failure = our gifts to others.  We decided to be creative and thrifty this year by ordering trees from the Arbor Foundation.