Many of you received our prayer postcard which guides you on how to pray for our big week.  Thank you for praying for final logistics at UTD and Northlake--all the details including finding faculty advisors, students to attend meetings, and paperwork have been completed (and many of these tasks were last minute through God's providence!) Pray for final approval before Wed. at UTD.  
Also, here is an updated list of the week's activities---there are only a few changes from our postcard, so please feel free to keep using that one.  If you are not on our mailing list, but would like to join us in praying, then please keep these in mind (or even print them out) for this week.  Thanks!

32 Campus Crusade for Christ staff arrive tonight, Sunday, Feb. 15. The 32 staff will be divided into 4 different teams. Monday through Thurs. they will be on campus ALL day.  Each team will have a 4 year school and a 2 year school that they'll be going to.  Friday morning they will have a sharing and debriefing time about what God did during the week.
Monday, 16th--Tuesday, 17th
Team 1- U of North Texas
Team 2-Richland Community College and Tarrant County College-Northeast
Team 3 Midwestern State U
Team 4 Dallas Community College-Northlake
Wed, 18th--Thurs., 19th
Team 1- Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Team 2-U of Texas Dallas
Team 3-Northwood
Team 4-U of Texas Arlington EPIC(Asian American Ministry)
Monday and Wednesday are spiritual survey tables, informational lunch and dinner. Main prayer request: GETTING ATTENTION.
Tuesday and Thursday are one-on-one follow up appointments. Main prayer request: FINDING KEY LEADERS, STUDENTS OWNING THE MISSION.
In the words of our regional director, Jim Sautner: "Bottom line? Pray that lives are changed for God's glory. The battle will be intense. Your prayers really matter."

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