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Big Break 09

We are still in sunny Florida, spending a few days with friends after our week in Panama City Beach for Big Break--a nationwide student conference, where students are trained in evangelism.  The students are then sent out immediately to put into practice what they've learned with their literally 1,000's of peers who are at the beach for Spring Break.  God did an AMAZING work this last week!!!  Every year for the past 2 decades, there have been 4 weeks of "Big Break" that span the month of March.  This last week of Big Break saw more changed lives than ever before in Big Break history.  Over 13,500 people were talked with (not talked "at" from an upfront program, but face-to-face conversations).  Out of those, over 5600 people listened to a complete and personal Gospel presentation, and an amazing 640 individuals accepted Christ in their lives as their personal Lord and Savior! God was at work--the weather was great, so people were out by the droves, and th