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My Favorite Present

As we anticipated my 30th birthday this year, our 3 yr. old got excited about it too.  She enthusiastically declared one day, "Daddy will have to take me shopping so I can get you a present! I'm going to get you a soft white shirt."  What makes this idea super sweet, is that HER favorite article of clothing is her "soft white shirt" (as she calls it).  It is the first thing she wants to wear when the laundry is done.  We had been traveling for the 2 weeks prior to my birthday, but she had not forgotten her idea, and when we returned to Texas (2 days before my big b-day), she asked Karl to take her shopping.  He said they perused several different shirts "this one is soft, but it's not white"... "No it must be white. Mommy only likes white shirts," she said most definitely. :) They settled on the t-shirt that I am wearing in the picture (under a jacket since it was unseasonably cold that day), and also decided to pick out a piece of jewelr