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Easter, Bluebonnets, and Prayer for our Health

Cross-shaped pancakes for Easter Hug in the Bluebonnets Easter Dresses Because of my morning sickness (which is now over--hooray!) I've been a little behind in posting pictures of the girls.  Here are a couple from Easter, and in the Bluebonnets (which are sparse because our family got sick AGAIN, and we missed the peak of the Bluebonnet season).  Please pray for our health, as this is the sickest we've been in ages (nothing serious, thankfully, but just little viruses and such that keep us home-bound and keep us from fully-functioning).  This semester, we've only made it to church as a whole family about once a month because of sickness.  Karl and I have taken turns w/ one child in arm while the opposite has been sick.  As I type this, I'm running a fever again.  My doctor told me that my immune system is weakened during the beginning of pregnancy so that my body will not "fight off" the baby. :) I'm at week 17 today, and hoping for an immune boost soon!

Support-raising Update

We have been encouraged this last week with the response to our financial need for the summer!  Another thanks to those who have contributed! We are still about $1400 short of our goal, and are praying for it to come in before we leave the first week of June.  Any amount, big or small, will help.  You can make a donation at the link (top left) titled "Give to Our Ministry".

Pastor who came to faith at Big Break

excerpt from article: "What Happens After Big Break?" A few years ago, I noticed another man reading his Bible in Starbucks and we struck up a conversation. Turns out he was the pastor of a growing near-by church. He asked me what I did and, when I told him that I worked with Campus Crusade for Christ, he said, “I owe my life to Campus Crusade! 20 years ago I was about as far away from God as I could be. I was on spring break at Daytona Beach. My girlfriend and I were sitting on the beach, pretty drunk, when two guys came up to us and began to talk about life and God. Amazingly, it made sense, and I prayed right there accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Those guys then called some Campus Crusade staff on my campus back in Maryland. When I got back to school, those staff showed up at my dorm and took me thru basic follow-up. I can?t imagine where I?d be if those Campus Crusaders hadn?t had the guts to come up to a lost guy on the beach and tell him the truth. Thank you!”

Summer Financial Needs

We leave June 5 for our summer of studies in Colorado, and before we arrive, we must raise the finances for the expenses of our time there--housing, seminary courses, US Staff Conference tuition, and travel expenses. We are still short almost $4,000 at this point. We know that because of the current state of the economy, it is a tough time to find "extra" to give, but if you feel compelled, then you can make a donation at the link to the left "Give to our Ministry". Thanks for considering! For more details, read our April letter pasted below: After a morning of building sand castles at Big Break, Karl explained to Holly that he was going to go work in the afternoon. “Why do you have to go with the college students?”, she asked. “Well, we are going to tell the other students about Jesus,” he said. She looked around at the crowd of 18 to 20-yr.-olds, pondered for a minute and then asked incredulously, “But how can they be BIG KIDS and not know about Jesus?”