Easter, Bluebonnets, and Prayer for our Health

Cross-shaped pancakes for Easter
Hug in the Bluebonnets
Easter Dresses

Because of my morning sickness (which is now over--hooray!) I've been a little behind in posting pictures of the girls.  Here are a couple from Easter, and in the Bluebonnets (which are sparse because our family got sick AGAIN, and we missed the peak of the Bluebonnet season).  Please pray for our health, as this is the sickest we've been in ages (nothing serious, thankfully, but just little viruses and such that keep us home-bound and keep us from fully-functioning).  This semester, we've only made it to church as a whole family about once a month because of sickness.  Karl and I have taken turns w/ one child in arm while the opposite has been sick.  As I type this, I'm running a fever again.  My doctor told me that my immune system is weakened during the beginning of pregnancy so that my body will not "fight off" the baby. :) I'm at week 17 today, and hoping for an immune boost soon!  We find out on June 1st if it's a boy or a girl--we'll let you know!!

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