Pastor who came to faith at Big Break

excerpt from article: "What Happens After Big Break?"

A few years ago, I noticed another man reading his Bible in Starbucks and we struck up a conversation. Turns out he was the pastor of a growing near-by church. He asked me what I did and, when I told him that I worked with Campus Crusade for Christ, he said,

“I owe my life to Campus Crusade! 20 years ago I was about as far away from God as I could be. I was on spring break at Daytona Beach. My girlfriend and I were sitting on the beach, pretty drunk, when two guys came up to us and began to talk about life and God. Amazingly, it made sense, and I prayed right there accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Those guys then called some Campus Crusade staff on my campus back in Maryland. When I got back to school, those staff showed up at my dorm and took me thru basic follow-up. I can?t imagine where I?d be if those Campus Crusaders hadn?t had the guts to come up to a lost guy on the beach and tell him the truth. Thank you!”

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