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Colorado State University

Here we are in front of the CSU mascot ram statue on campus.

The Music of the Gospel

Keith Johnson, director and organizer of the seminary classes, wrote an article about the music of the gospel. He said to imagine a young man sitting in a chair listening to his ipod play music through headphones. He taps his foot, snaps his fingers, and juts his chin with the beat of the music. Keith then had us imagine a deaf guy walking into the room, and out of curiosity, he picks up an ipod, puts on the headphones and begins performing the same actions. The deaf man taps his foot, snaps his fingers, and eventually even learns to jut his chin in synchronization. Keith asked us, “If you are an outside observer and walk into the room, what do you see? Two people apparently doing the same thing, listening to the same thing. But is there a difference? Absolutely.” Keith continued, “The first guy hears the music and his actions are a natural response…being deaf, the second guy is merely imitating. He is not listening to anything. There is an important spiritual parallel here…” M

Sweet Big Sister

My big 3-and-a-half-year-old loves to make up songs and sing to herself when she thinks no one is listening. Today's anthem was about her baby sis: "Little Sweet Pea, you are sooo cute. Sometimes you are selfish, but I can't help but love yo-u." Precious! And grasping unconditional love at such a young age! :) Here are some pics of summer fun that they are having together in Colorado. I scored the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book at a garage sale for 10 cents! H had it memorized in half an hour and now can "read" it to Sweet Pea.

Summer Life in Colorado

We've been settled in Ft. Collins, CO for a little over a week now.  Our praises include that the girls are sleeping well, have adjusted to the time zone and caught up on lack of sleep from our travels, and no one has been sick!  The children's program will start next week, so please say a prayer for all the kids that illness wouldn't be spread and that parents would be aware when their kid is getting sick so they can keep them out of the program for the day. We managed to fit all the necessary objects in our car for the summer.  We minimized with a system that gave each person one suitcase, and one container (we have 4 rubbermaid drawers about 1 foot high, 2 feet long, and 18 in. wide).  It was quite a challenge since we had to bring everything but furniture, and I was really stressed about what to choose and what life would be like here for the summer. But now that we're here, it's actually really enjoyable.  I have been cooking meals using one pot and 2 cookie s

Praise Report

We are so excited because not only are we having a boy, but also God has provided the rest of our funding for our summer, and a new crib (well, new-to-us-crib).  We are so thankful to everyone who sacrificially donated to fund our summer assignment! We are now able to leave with peace of mind of all our needs being met!  We are prepping the car for our two-day journey, and I'm feeling a little less stressed about fitting everything in.  Unlike other summer housing we've had, this one does not come with sheets, towels, pots & pans, plates & silverware, etc.  We obviously cannot fit our entire kitchen in the back of our car, so I'm trying to simplify and think through creative cooking methods.  It does have a microwave.  Even still, the stress of packing is nothing compared to being under-funded, so we feel so blessed and prepared for the summer! The new crib is a little perk too because the crib we have is "janky"--our term for functional, but almost junky.