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Praise Report

We are so excited because not only are we having a boy, but also God has provided the rest of our funding for our summer, and a new crib (well, new-to-us-crib).  We are so thankful to everyone who sacrificially donated to fund our summer assignment! We are now able to leave with peace of mind of all our needs being met!  We are prepping the car for our two-day journey, and I'm feeling a little less stressed about fitting everything in.  Unlike other summer housing we've had, this one does not come with sheets, towels, pots & pans, plates & silverware, etc.  We obviously cannot fit our entire kitchen in the back of our car, so I'm trying to simplify and think through creative cooking methods.  It does have a microwave.  Even still, the stress of packing is nothing compared to being under-funded, so we feel so blessed and prepared for the summer!
The new crib is a little perk too because the crib we have is "janky"--our term for functional, but almost junky. :)  As some of you remember, our first daughter was born in Baton Rouge right after Hurricane Katrina swept through.  The population doubled, and also babies were being born left and right (because the drop in pressure during a hurricane causes women to go into labor).  As a result, there were no cribs left in the stores in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas...except for one--a used white one at a consignment shop. Karl had to rig the side rail because it would fall at a touch, and the opposite rail had chew marks all over it.  It has served its purposes for the last 3 years and 2 kiddos, but we are excited for an upgrade that was given to us from some friends' of friends today.

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