Sex & the City Uncovered

Author Marion Jordan shares her story “Sex & the City Uncovered”
Nearly 300 UNT girls attended and 34 want to start a relationship with God!
Jordan exposed these 3 lies to the crowd:
LIE #1: "You are worth loving if you are sexually attractive."
LIE #2: "Sex is no Big Deal."
LIE #3: "It's too late for me."

During their summer break, University of North Texas students organized and fundraised to bring author Marion Jordan to their campus to share the message that while the college world thinks “sex is no big deal”, God has different intentions and that while the world sells the idea “You are worth loving if you’re sexually attractive,” God offers them true love. At the end of her presentation, Marion told them,”Jesus wants you to know that you are WORTH are worth DYING FOR.”
After her message, Marion (pictured in center amongst the student leaders) hung out with the girls for 2 more hours, and offered a training session for leaders to start a Bible study/book club with her book “Sex & the City Uncovered.” She gave them free materials and prayed for their endeavors. The response was such that there are enough interested students and student-leaders to begin a study in each sorority house!
Please pray for the students who are stepping out of their comfort zone—some for the first time—to lead a study in their house. Pray for us as we follow-up individually with those who have chosen Christ for the first time.
UPDATE: The Sex & the City Uncovered "book clubs" have been going strong since mid-September. The leaders gather once a week for prayer and training from our staff on Monday mornings at 7AM for breakfast--now that's commitment for college students to rise and shine that early! :) Please continue to pray for these girls. Praise God that their own lives are being refined as they find fellowship, accountability and challenge through their new group and new roles.

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