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New Moon Review--because I have been watching hundreds of screaming girls all week on the Today Show who are anticipating the movie's premier.

I can’t believe that it was only a year ago that I was first introduced to the Twilight series by seeing the movie in the theater. I say that because in the last year, I have spent a lot of emotional, mental and even spiritual energy in the world of Edward and Bella. I connected with their story immediately. From the moment Edward says, “What if I’m not the hero? What if I’m the bad guy?” I was intrigued by his self-perception. From the moment Bella says, “It doesn’t matter to me what you are.” I was impressed with her complete acceptance of him. While it is argued that Ste phanie Meyer might not be the greatest literary talent, her ability to relate to the deep heart longings of people is superb. Edward and Bella’s relationship surpasses most today, which is the reason adults find themselves in counseling sessions discussing the barriers to intimacy that they face. I heard a counselor give a seminar in which he stated, “Every person longs for 2 things: to be fully known, and fully lov