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What is Colic? A Glimpse Into Our Life with a Newborn

After an hour of hands-on soothing, our daughter--exhausted from screaming--fell asleep limply in Daddy's arms. A white noise machine, pacifier, loud rattling sound, and snuggling was the only thing that would stop the screaming this particular day. Our first daughter wanted the swing, our second wanted a vibrating seat--this is one we borrowed for a few hours while we went to the store to replace the one that she had "worn-out". Both girls would only sleep if their head was snuggled next to this soft towel. Our son only wanted body-to-body contact. On bad days, he required light pressure on his pacifier as well. Pictured here, his big sister held him in position while I made a quick trip to the bathroom. We also found that if he was in a deep sleep, we could carefully maneuver him from our lap to the couch and lay him in the warm spot where we had been sitting (pictured in the striped blanket). This would buy us about 5 minutes to do something