Mother's Day & Baby Dedication

6 Month Portrait--wearing the outfit that Karl wore to his own baby dedication.

I hung a sheet and took some Mother's Day pictures in these cute outfits.

Mother's Day morning was extra special this year because it was also Baby Dedication Sunday. We are so blessed to have family who has a common faith and who encourages us and helps us raise our children in the ways of the Lord. The thing that I am most thankful about living in Dallas is that our kids get to spend regular time with their grandparents. Growing up, my grandparents were a part of our everyday life, and I love that our children are having the same experience.
We were also excited to be taking part in the Baby Dedication ceremony with our good friends, The Cobbs. Having friends and family there helped to really live out the purpose of the ceremony: publically giving God control of our child, our child-rearing, and asking the church for support, prayers, and accountability in our endeavor. That day, our big church felt a little smaller.

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