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Sun Hats

A few days before leaving for Santa Cruz, I decided to buy some sun hats for the family (except for Karl, he wears a ball cap). I thought, "We probably won't make it to the beach that many times since Titus is still so little, but I'll be thankful to have them for those few times." I am so glad I bought them, because we wear them every day all day long! There is no shade at The Peter Pan. The weather is amazing and pleasant every day--cool in the morning, mid-70's in the day. (We had a record-breaking high temp on Wed = 78 degrees). So we are outside all day, every day. The girls are loving it--but the sun is still intense. Every day I am so thankful for these good sun hats. Here are a few favorite pics.

The LOST Finale

I've been thinking about the finale of LOST for the past week or so. I loved watching that show, and I'm a little sad that it has ended. I love how there was a whole culture surrounding the mystery of it--how people would talk each week about the hidden messages and how each story was intertwined with each other. One critic called it the "best dramatic TV series of all time." Another said that {paraphrase:}"no other show in the history of television has had viewers researching history, literature, religion, mythology, etc." People are more knowledgeable because LOST was on TV for 6 years. Towards the end, all of us Christian viewers were hoping that the unveiling of the Big Picture would have Christian themes. (Or maybe since that is our view, we kept finding the Christian themes in it). Certainly, Jack sacrificing himself to save the world is reflective of the main idea of Christianity. But did you catch the stain-glass window as Jack is about to p