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End of Summer Project

We left The Peter Pan Motel and Santa Cruz in early July, but our students remained there, carrying out the mission until today. That is the most unique and impacting aspect of the Project--we spend 6 intensive weeks training them and preparing them to perform all the functions of the ministry on their own. It stretches them, helps them rely on the Lord and not themselves or others, and gives them the experience of true Christian community as they learn to work together, sharpening each other with their different strengths and gifts. Before we, the staff, leave, we carefully and PRAYERFULLY select leaders. There are leaders for each Action Group (small group Bible study and accountability), leaders for the committees of activities (like Outreach, Prayer, etc,) and 4 Leaders called "The Foursome", 2 gals, 2 guys who are put in charge over all the others. These students are exceptional in that they are mature, humble, and are not concerned with their own ambition, but with