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Saving Money and Other Principles I Learned from My Parents

My parents were jumping up and down waving papers in their hands. (Well, maybe just my mom was jumping, the memory is foggy because I was in grade school, but knowing my dad's personality, I'm going to guess that only my mom was jumping). They were moving excitedly waving the mail saying, "This is our house!" "Uh, yeah...." I replied, confused since we had lived in that same house my entire life. They seemed to be excited about some very obvious and old news. "No, you don't understand, " they began to explain to me, "this house is paid for! We OWN it! No one can take it away from us! It is OURS!" "Oh, ok," I smiled, guessing that at some point they had paid money for it, and since knowing that fact didn't change one thing about my day, all I had to say about it was "Oh, ok." My parents discipline, values, and choices shaped the way I think about money and possessions.  I watched them sacrifice, save