Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy First Birthday, to my baby boy! What fun it has been to get to know you and experience how different you are from your big sisters! I call you my "Little Lion Cub" because right from the start, you have been stronger, more physical, always moving, yet you are sweet and playful. At bedtime, especially, I compare you to a little jungle animal--always rolling over in my arms, softly swatting my face. I whisper your name over and over and over again, and you giggle a one-syllable laugh, smile, and look at me out of the corners of your eyes.  Not at all complacent or laid-back as "experts" say a third child will act, you make your presence known, your likes and dislikes you eagerly express.  What a delightful addition you are to our family! Can't imagine life without you! I love you, Little Lion Cub!

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