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Family Pictures 2010

Our dear friends Josh & Jenny Cobbs take our family pictures in the fall.  When I added text to our family shot for our annual prayer magnet, my software changed the tint. I was so sad when I picked it up from the printers. I couldn't afford to reprint all 200, and I couldn't ask for a refund (it wasn't the printers--the 8x10's I got through my iphoto were splendid.)  So I wanted to post them here in their full vividness. Josh & Jenny are the only ones who have successfully achieved getting all 3 of our kids to sit, look, and smile simultaneously. Talent. :)

John 3:16--Some people don't even know that it's FROM the Bible!

I posted a quote in our Christmas Ask this year from a journalist, but didn't have room to print the whole story, so here it is... Have you ever eaten at an In-N-Out Burger ? It is AWESOME! It is to Burgers what Raising Cane's is to Chicken = Experts. And like Cane's, they only have 4 things on the menu.  I could write a lonng paragraph in tribute to why it is the best fast food burger in the world, but I'll keep it short--it's juicy, it's loaded, it has it's own sauce (which is NOT Thousand Island), it comes in paper that you must keep around it or the whole thing will fall apart, and the discussion ender: Our girls ate them happily, and they usually won't eat beef without a steep bribe.  The chain is only out west--Cali and Arizona, etc. (although they're building one in downtown Ft. Worth in 2012!!). It's cheap, it's yummy, and we ate there this past summer whenever we could get a chance.  Karl has the shirt.  And by now you're thinki