John 3:16--Some people don't even know that it's FROM the Bible!

I posted a quote in our Christmas Ask this year from a journalist, but didn't have room to print the whole story, so here it is...
Have you ever eaten at an In-N-Out Burger? It is AWESOME! It is to Burgers what Raising Cane's is to Chicken = Experts. And like Cane's, they only have 4 things on the menu.  I could write a lonng paragraph in tribute to why it is the best fast food burger in the world, but I'll keep it short--it's juicy, it's loaded, it has it's own sauce (which is NOT Thousand Island), it comes in paper that you must keep around it or the whole thing will fall apart, and the discussion ender: Our girls ate them happily, and they usually won't eat beef without a steep bribe.  The chain is only out west--Cali and Arizona, etc. (although they're building one in downtown Ft. Worth in 2012!!). It's cheap, it's yummy, and we ate there this past summer whenever we could get a chance.  Karl has the shirt.  And by now you're thinking "What in the WORLD does this have to do with John 3:16?"
What makes In-N-Out Burger even more great is that this started in the 50's as a Mom & Pop Diner. It grew; Mom & Pop & Sons ran the whole operation for decades, and this faithful Christian family printed scripture references on the bottom of their packaging. 
Mom & Pop never took interviews. After Mom & Pop passed away a few years back, Son finally gave a coveted interview. The journalist questioning him said, "We've all been wondering for years...what ARE these strange inscriptions on the bottom of your packaging?"
What? These people don't even know that John 3:16 is a scripture reference? This is the same reference that people wave on large painted posterboards at national sporting events.  
In another part of the interview, he referred to them as "mysterious markings."
These references pictured here are verses that are so well-known, a lot of Christians have them memorized. 
I bet in the 50's when Mom & Pop chose to print this on their packages, customers would know what they were and maybe even flip to the referenced scripture and read it.  It goes to show how much the culture of America has changed in the last half a century. Today if someone holds up a sign reading "John 3:16", the people reading it might not own a Bible or have a clue that they could turn to the 3rd chapter of the Book of John to find truths about God's love.

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