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Dressed to Impress...or Not--Our PCA Parent Interview

I set the alarm in order to get up and be ready before the kids. I put on a cute dress with leggings and grabbed my trendy belt. The ensemble is cute by itself, but the belt makes the outfit. I paused, "I'm not trying to impress anyone," I thought, and I put the belt back in the closet. We're exploring all our options for Kindergarten next year. Part of this process is applying to PCA (Prestonwood Christian Academy). It's a 4-step process (5-step if you count our application for financial aid). One part is the Parent Interview. Our interview was Tuesday morning. "This is about seeking the Lord for HER schooling. It's not about me impressing them. We are just going to be ourselves." My belt is really not that impressive, but it was symbolic for me, so I put it back. On the way out the door, little sister wanted to wear her purple socks (of course she did--she asked Santa for purple socks. She has enough purple socks to wear every day and some to spa

What God Did At Big Break '11

3 Staff and 33 Students from UNT, TCU, and MSU made the 750 mile road trip to Panama City Beach, FL for Big Break, a week of sharing Christ with college students who are there for Spring Break--like THE SPRING BREAK, the one you see on MTV. After the morning rallies with praise & worship, devotions, teaching, and training, the group would pair up and share the message of Christ with the 200,000 visitors at the beach. This is Moises, UNT music student, encouraging the group before heading out. Karl spent his week with these UNT students. Daily, they changed up the pairs in which they went out sharing. One of the coolest stories from the week was when Karl and Sam approached a group of 3 guys who had already been approached several times. The guys told them what they told the others who had come before: "We're Atheists. We're not interested in what you have to say." Later that afternoon, Karl and Sam walked by those same "big dudes" and notic

His Plan, Not Our Plan--Big Break Update

I wrote this 2 weeks ago, but held off posting until now. (Didn't want to post on the internet that Karl was leaving us alone for a week). He just got back today. What a great trip they had! Will post pics and update soon. What started out as discouragement in fundraising for Big Break turned into clear leading from the Lord... We usually receive a fair response from our ministry partners and fellow church members when we let them know of a need for missions. OUR PLAN was to use the first donations to book our flights for the trip to Florida, and as the remainder rolled in, we could put it towards our registration/lodging, which wasn't due until March 5. But HIS PLAN was for us to not receive enough for airfare--not even close. Almost a week passed, and we still needed near the full amount. On Thursday, I was praying for OUR PLAN --for God to provide a huge check. But while I was praying, I felt HIS PLAN pressing on me--to relinquish this trip. Karl got home that evenin