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His Plan, Not Our Plan--Big Break Update

I wrote this 2 weeks ago, but held off posting until now. (Didn't want to post on the internet that Karl was leaving us alone for a week). He just got back today. What a great trip they had! Will post pics and update soon.

What started out as discouragement in fundraising for Big Break turned into clear leading from the Lord...
We usually receive a fair response from our ministry partners and fellow church members when we let them know of a need for missions. OUR PLAN was to use the first donations to book our flights for the trip to Florida, and as the remainder rolled in, we could put it towards our registration/lodging, which wasn't due until March 5. But HIS PLAN was for us to not receive enough for airfare--not even close. Almost a week passed, and we still needed near the full amount. On Thursday, I was praying for OUR PLAN--for God to provide a huge check. But while I was praying, I felt HIS PLAN pressing on me--to relinquish this trip.
Karl got home that evening and started brainstorming more folks we could ask. I told him what God had pressed on me--for him to go with the students, and the kids and I stay home. Knowing that another week apart would be hard on the kids (and me), and knowing that we would have to give up OUR PLAN--our days in Orlando with some of our favorite friends (flights are cheaper to Orlando than PCB), he didn't like the idea at first, but gave it some thought. Then in the next 24 hours HIS PLAN came together.
More students decided to come, which meant we needed another van, and another staff member as a driver. There were actually more male students than female students going in our group--a first--and an answer to prayer for God to raise up men leaders. These guys are newer to our group, newer to walking with God. We got really excited to think of HIS PLAN--Karl being able to spend intensive time discipling these men for the week. It seemed like God was holding back the funds to have us entertain an idea that we otherwise wouldn't have.

And as if we needed more confirmation of HIS PLAN:
Yesterday, Big Break sent an email saying that they are having a record number of students coming. There aren't enough rooms for them all. Karl is currently making arrangements (as I'm sure many other staff members across the country are) to find housing for extra students not yet registered. By surrendering OUR PLAN, it opened up another condo, allowing another 7 students to go.
I fully believe that God values the times when we do ministry as a family. I know that it blesses the kids and I to be involved, and I know it blesses other to see them there. But this time, HIS PLAN is for us to stay home. I still lamented a little bit over the phone today with my sweet friend, Sarah, in Orlando. We wished it were also in HIS PLAN for us to see each other sometime soon, but we look forward to our time this summer when we'll see them in Colorado, and I'm excited to see how God will use Karl's time in FL to encourage these men as they all go out and share with college students how they can find what they're looking for in a relationship with God through Jesus.
(And fortunately, my parents and sis have the same Spring Break, so they can keep us company in Karl's absence).

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