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Doing it Duggar-Style: Homemade Laundry Detergent

Have you seen the Duggar family do laundry? It's amazing. I feel like I am constantly doing laundry for 5 people, I can't imagine doing it for so many, but they've got a great system. We've had 2 new revolutions in laundry this past month: 1. Big Sister has learned to fold clothes! Wow, what a difference her help makes! We actually fold it together while watching the Duggars after the little ones go to bed. She gets to stay up an hour later than the others; this privilege is special to her, and not to quote Spiderman, but we try to have an equivalent responsibility for each privilege. So 2 nights a week, we do laundry (and we watch the Duggars together while we fold). 2. We made our own detergent using the Duggar Family Recipe. The girls were eager to help. Grating the Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap. Stirring the borax and hot water. They eagerly took turns melting the soap. The recipe makes 10 GALLONS of detergent! I stored the concentrate in the bucket. We've

Pray for Our Rights!

Image Remember the kids from Plano, TX who got kicked out of their school Christmas parties for giving out treats with "Jesus is the Reason", etc? The same school who forbid them to write "Merry Christmas" on cards sent to soldiers in Iraq? These kids have grown up, and are taking their case to the Court of Appeals on Monday. What's on the line? 1st Amendment rights for all students. The outcomes of surrendering 1st Amendment Rights at the doors of schools are far more consequential than being forced to write "Happy Holidays." And the ripple effect could be detrimental. Please be praying for this case! Read the article linked above for full details. Here's the update from Monday, May 21. Great news! Read here: