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Response to the Name Change

I didn't want to change our name. When filling out the survey that asked for my top 3 name choices, I wrote: 1. Campus Crusade for Christ 2. Campus Crusade for Christ 3. Campus Crusade for Christ Bill Bright gave our organization this name in 1951; it has history, it has an esteemed reputation. Changing it seemed foolish. Would Coca-Cola change its name? Even Exxon after their fiasco didn't change their name. This, to me, seemed like bad business. 2 of the girls in my summer project group this summer got involved as freshmen because an elder in their church said, "When you get to college, look up: Campus Crusade for Christ." These girls now lead ministries on their campus. There is value in our name. Then I sat across the lunch table from a fellow staff member who serves in a closed Muslim country. He said that even though they do not use the name Campus Crusade for Christ there, he prays no one will ever see his pay check stub: Campus Crusade for Christ. If an