"Am I Dreaming?"

So as you know from my previous post, my Kindergartener has had a rough start. Today she said, "I liked school a little bit better today...but not a lot better." Then she said, "I feel like I'm dreaming. Whenever I walk past a mirror or some glass at school, I look at myself and think, 'I can't believe I'm already in school.'" [ok, is it just because I'm her mother that I find not only her self-reflection but also her ability to articulate it pretty incredible?]
Then she looked me square in the eye and said, "What if I AM dreaming? Maybe you should pinch me."
I smiled in wonder at her and said, "Baby Girl, you aren't dreaming."
"How do you know?"
[What? Has she seen the movie Inception? My 5-year-old is contemplating whether her current reality is in fact reality? Again, I'm amazed by her. ]
I replied, "Because I know that I am not asleep. I am not dreaming, and this is really happening, and you really have been going to school."

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