While We're Changing Names...

I've been wanting to change the name of this blog for a while. A facebook friend mentioned a while back that blogs are "self-promoting." While I can't deny that blogs are in part: read what I have to say; I hope that no one would ever get the impression that I am trying to promote myself through what I am saying. The purpose of this blog is to promote someOne greater. I hope that the stories I share here will be pieces of the Bigger Story that is going on in this world, and I and my family play just one little part--no more important than anyone else's part. Average, if you will. Hmm...but the name of the blog is: Not Your Average Armentrouts. Well, I've always meant "average" to mean "typical", but that doesn't have any fun alliteration. Upon discussing this with my mom, she suggested, "Atypical Armentrouts", but I felt like that made it sound like we were from outer-space or something. So here's the new name (probably not as climatic and hopefully not as criticized by the press):
"Wanna Hear a Story?"

I love stories. I like writing them, I like telling them. I enjoy hearing others' stories. And I love stories within stories (kinda like that Bigger One that I mentioned before). In my profession, I get opportunities to speak up front to a variety of crowds. I really enjoy this part of my job, and my favorite part of speaking to the crowd is telling stories. That's why I feel this title is fitting. Hope you enjoy the stories of our family and ministry, and I hope it encourages you to think through your own story and the Story of the One who made you.
Story Resources:
Pondering Your Stories
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