Today, I Am a Window Washer--a Psalm of Motherhood

Today, I am a window washer, by choice.
Splatters of dry rain wipe away with one stroke.
Transforming my view,
I sigh, satisfied at the finish.

Clean dishes, clean laundry,
but the dirty closely follow.
I work diligently.
Perpetual tasks, fleeting results.

Little arms I embrace.
Little hurts I kiss away.
Trifle disputes I settle.
Throughout the day, I repeat.

Far from the finish.
What's my progress?
Results not instant like window washing.
But I will repeat my steps tomorrow.

An army of ants in my bathtub,
revealed as I lift away a towel.
Again? I am weary.
They swarm my sanctuary; I terminate.

Insecurities, like ants, swarm my mind.
Supposed gone, but You reveal.
Again, Lord?
You are faithful to terminate.

You, O God, are my true sanctuary.
Your living, unchanging Word.
"Train a child in the way he should go..."
I will. With Your help.

Meager windows.
I return my focus:
My magnum opus,
my lifework far from completion.

Little arms I joyfully embrace.
Wiping tears from tiny face,
Calm correction by Your grace.

I am Christ's workmanship, far from completion.

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