Fall Craft = Book Pumpkins!

Home school is keeping us busy with fun activities like these book pumpkins! (I'll attempt an actual update on home school some other time). I got this idea from my friend Cheryl's blog Cutting Circles.

As we learned about Fall, I looked for a fun craft idea that would meet some requirements for Kindergarten, and also look pretty cute displayed in my house. :) These pumpkins fit the bill perfectly. My Kindergartener traced and cut the pages from an old book. (She had several from which to choose as I'm in the midst of a closet clean-out project). She completed a dozen or so pages a day, which took her about 2 weeks.

Spreading it out over time enabled her to master her cutting skills, and also built anticipation for the final results! We completed the remaining steps all in one day--gluing, spray-painting, and affixing the stick and ribbon.
The girls enjoyed looking for sticks in our backyard. I found 2 scraps of green ribbon in my ribbon box (because I save ALL ribbon!).

How have I not mentioned yet that this DIY project is a big $ saver? Right now at Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. you can purchase various decorative pumpkins this size for a range of $15-$60 each.
Since I had all the supplies except orange spray paint, these 2 pumpkins cost a total of $1.97. That's a total savings of $26.06-$116.06!

For the full tutorial, go here

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