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Attitude of Gratitude--Our Thanksgiving Tree

So yep, we ripped off the Pottery Barn Kids idea, and made our own Thanksgiving tree. I had intended to write "Attitude of Gratitude" on the trunk and a scripture about giving thanks, but my current reality is that I plan a lot more things than I actually have time to execute, so once the girls hung the tree up, we called it a victory. We incorporated this activity into our daily "Circle Time" for home school.
I categorized each day to help the kids pinpoint different things, otherwise it would be "Mommy, Daddy and my stuffed Kitty" every day. Not sure how much Bubba comprehended the activity, as you'll get a chuckle from some of his answers.

Big Sister = candy
Little sister = apples
Bubba = acorns

Big sister = a friend's voice
Little sister = "Shhhh" because she likes to go to sleep
Bubba = cars

Big Sister = brownies
Little Sister = bananas
Bubba = bananas

Big Sister = Bubba's face when he's singing
Little Sister = stuffed animals
Bubba = Sissy

Big Sister--hugs
Little Sister--hugs
Bubba--I spy something blue

Big Sister--that I have friends all over the country
Little Sister--lots of toys
Bubba--the sky

Something eternal:
Big Sister--the Bible
Little Sister--God's Holy Word
Bubba: Murphie, Jessie and Wesley

Something about Jesus:
Big Sister: That He lives in our hearts
Little Sister: That He changes hearts
Bubba: Thank you Jesus for Murphie, Jessie and Wesley

Something about Fall:
Big Sister--That I get to stay home for school
Little Sister--screen door and playing outside

Something from the weekend:
Big Sister--painting with Mommy
Little Sister--getting to stay up late and go to the college with Daddy
Bubba--Mommy, Daddy, Sisters

Since we have 2 November birthdays, we spent a day giving thanks for specific attributes of Big Sis and Bubba. Not wanting to leave out Little Sis, we spent a day celebrating her as well. Everyone in the family took turns saying things, I didn't keep track of who said what, but just wrote in a spiral on the leaf.

Big Sister: tender-hearted, gives lovin' (hugs), thoughtful, deep thinker, pretty face, loves Jesus and others, tells the truth, remembers every detail, artistic, "she shares her toys with me"
{unicorn birthday cake for breakfast, per the birthday girl's request}

Little Sister: gives sweet snuggles, gives hugs unexpectedly, laughs a lot, beautiful blue eyes, precious voice, "that she loves me", "that she's Sissy", enthusiastic, funny, adorable freckles on her nose

Bubba: adventurous joyous boy. See previous post.

What you're most thankful for:
All 3 said: "Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Sister, Grammy & Grandpa, Grandma & Papa" :)
{Church choir performance; Karl's taking the pic, Papa had to work}


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