Until I Had A Boy, I Never...

Today my baby boy turns 2! After two girls, these last two years with a boy have been different to say the least. I find myself chuckling at how different God made boys and girls, and today, while celebrating my sweet boy, I want to celebrate the many new surprises that life with a boy has brought.

Until I Had a Boy, I Never Said:
--Don’t put dirt on your sisters.
--Get out of the fireplace.
--Get out of the dishwasher.
--Don’t pound on your sister’s head with a car.
--Did you dump dirt on your head?
--Don’t put your fork in your eye.
--Once a toy has been in poop, you don’t get it back.

Until I Had a Boy, I Never Heard:
--I wanna ball.
--I wanna football.
--I wanna dunk.
--I wanna climb.
--Mommy, I’m tough!
--Mommy, go long!
--{after falling and scraping his knee} Me: Aww, do you want sugar (kisses)? Bubba: “Nooo” Me: Do you want lovin’(hugs)? Bubba: “Noooo” Me: What do you want then? Bubba: “I wanna go back outside!”
-- {With the same affectionate tone as his sisters when presenting me with a flower} “Mommy, I brought a stick for you!"
--Burrrrp! heh heh heh heh

Happy Birthday, Bubba!

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