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Far From Inconspicuous--My Big Break 2012 Conversations

On the 20th of March, I wrote this message to my praying friends: "What will make me stick out today on my walk to La Vela Spring Break club (where MTV films)… Perhaps my wedding band? My laugh lines? My lack of a suntan? My fully-clothed, 32-yr-old body? I could probably only be more conspicuous if I was pushing my double stroller… Please pray for me today (right now) as I set out with 7 gals from UNT to share our faith with Spring-breakers. Pray that what sets us apart most is our compassion and our aroma of Christ." On March 21, I sent this email relaying my experience of one conversation: "We ended up at the Holiday Inn bash (on the walk to La Vela). Even though there was no film crew there, the party was roaring. I got hit on, offered weed, sat in beer, and had an amazing conversation with 2 gals from Missouri State. "K & K" we'll call them, best friends since childhood, and one of whom's Dad passed away (very recently after a long battle wi

My 2012 Fashion Experiment: 30 Outfits, 17 Articles, $197

30 Days 30 Different Outfits 40 Degrees Temperature Swings 17 Articles of Clothing $197 SO MUCH FUN! Because of our jobs, we travel often and usually for a lengthy amount of time. I have fine tuned the art of packing-light, but a few weeks into our trip, I'm tired of the limited clothing I've taken. So I decided to experiment--what if I brought affordable clothes that would mix and match with my accessories, shoes, and each other--maybe I could make it versatile enough that I would enjoy what I wore every day? The answer is YES! I did! My Rules: *A different outfit every day for 30 days while traveling to/from Panama City Beach. *Include the cost of each item of clothing and limit to $200 (Some things were gifts, some bought with gift cards, but I included the total cost of it all just to showcase that it can be done frugally. If an item had been in my closet for more than 3 years, I did not include it in the total). *No buying new clothes to wear while I'm th