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What I Wore in Italy

40 days, 40 different outfits, 1 suitcase, $250. My $250 total is spread out over 4 years of purchasing, so there are some definite repeats of items, but not of combinations. How I put them together and accessorize makes them seem new again.  Like our many travels, we went not as vacationers, but lived practically day-to-day; so while I wanted my wardrobe to be stylish, it also had to be functional. Here goes: I started by choosing a color pallet for the summer--teal, apricot, black, white . Cardigans, accessories, and shoes were all streamlined to go with any combination. Varying shades of these colors along with the all-matching denim created interest. (Ignore my blue umbrella which I borrowed.)  ;) My tried-and-true apricot pants, are my highest cost item at $40. If you've been following my blog, you've seen them before . The weather in Bologna shifted from 55 degrees when we arrived to 100 degrees when we left. Layers were key. I bought this sling purse as soon