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Talk About Pop Music

Some people discuss great poetry, my kids and I discuss pop music... This week, we've navigated the subject why Taylor Swift never ever ever wants to get back together with that boy: Me: "Well, she said that he picked fights with her, and he said he was sorry and he'd change, but he didn't change. He kept doing the same thing. Does that boy sound like a wise man or a foolish man? 3 backseat voices in unison: "FOOLISH!"(We've been categorizing traits of Wise vs. Foolish from Proverbs for more than a year). Me: "So it's important to forgive him, but he is not the kind of man that she should give her heart to." Oldest daughter: "She should be with a boy who loves Jesus." Me: "Absolutely. And if he doesn't love Jesus and doesn't have the Holy Spirit, he can't really change. Only God changes hearts. He can try and try on his own, but just like us, without Jesus, we can't have the fruits of the Spirit-- lov