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Living Missionally: Lights in a Dark World

A college mentor of mine challenged our group of 20-somethings: "See the world through a different lens, a lens from which God sees, one that detects light from dark." Imagine that if looking through infrared goggles..(think war movies-- Those goggles where everything looks green except when something has body temperature, then it's appears red. Embarrassingly I'll admit that I'm picturing the Schwarzenegger movie Predator) looking through these goggles, the entire world is dark--your neighborhood, your street--it's pitch black, until you, a believer in Christ--a creation filled with God's light--moves in. Now on a once dark street, a light glows from within a house. It is dim but inviting, and as it moves beyond its doors of confinement, it pierces. Darkness is affected by light. When you interact with someone still in darkness, it is significant. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot comprehend it." (John chapter 1). Our