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My Daily Mommy To-Do List

My Daily Mommy To-Do List   1. Snuggle with each child.  2. Read aloud to each child.  3. Offer them nutritious food.  4. Clean them when necessary.  5. Put aside my plans in order to correct them when necessary;  focus on their heart, not just their behavior.  6. Join them in an activity that they enjoy.  7. Weather permitting, provide an opportunity for outside play.  8. Study God's Word with my children and for myself.  9. Pray with and for my children.  10. Include my children in praying for others.  11. Appreciate their individuality and express that with encouraging words.  12. Comfort the boo-boos of the body and of the heart.  13. Complete the household tasks that are most important to my husband. Allow/require my children's participation in order to grow their responsibility.  14. Model a life that is mindful of the needs of the world by focusing on others  in actions and attitude.  15. Remind myself that my satisfaction and identity