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My Daily Mommy To-Do List

My Daily Mommy To-Do List 
1. Snuggle with each child. 
2. Read aloud to each child. 
3. Offer them nutritious food. 
4. Clean them when necessary. 
5. Put aside my plans in order to correct them when necessary; 
focus on their heart, not just their behavior. 
6. Join them in an activity that they enjoy. 
7. Weather permitting, provide an opportunity for outside play. 
8. Study God's Word with my children and for myself. 
9. Pray with and for my children. 
10. Include my children in praying for others. 
11. Appreciate their individuality and express that with encouraging words. 
12. Comfort the boo-boos of the body and of the heart. 
13. Complete the household tasks that are most important to my husband. Allow/require my children's participation in order to grow their responsibility. 
14. Model a life that is mindful of the needs of the world by focusing on others 
in actions and attitude. 
15. Remind myself that my satisfaction and identity come from Christ alone and 
not the check marks on this or any to-do list.
Download for free, scroll down for link.
"Stop throwing band-aids at your sister!" I yelled. "Why is there play dough in the linen closet?!" I demanded even louder. I had hit my limit of frustration for the day. All I wanted to do was get my house in a little more order. Couldn't the kids play happily for more than 90 seconds before I had to again halt my task to referee? Apparently not. Not that day. Yet I didn't take a clue that maybe my reorganization should wait until another day, so I trudged forth getting more irritated with each interruption. Finally after my too harsh outbursts, I surrendered my task. I apologized for yelling at them; even though they were doing wrong, it did not give me an excuse to respond unlovingly. The next day I decided to wait until after they were in bed to begin my Operation Organization. Hubby would be working late, which would give me the entire evening to myself. But after a full day of homeschooling, regular chores, making dinner, baths, story times, and tuck-ins, I had no energy to spare at 8:30PM. Clean my closet? Yeah right. I watched my favorite show that I had been saving on DVR and played Words with Friends.
Several days passed, and the files and supplies still remained unorganized in the recesses of my home. With each day, my frustration grew, and my patience with my children shrunk. During my afternoon time with the Lord, I explained my frustrations to Him. Why were my kids being so uncooperative these past few days? Why could I not get a few moments to complete a task that needed to be done? He gently nudged me as He always does. Where had my focus been? On the closet, the files, the school supplies. Had my focus been on Him? Nope. Had my focus been on my children? Negative. I thought "If I can just get my stuff in order, then my days will feel more in order." Backwards thinking on my part. My days were out of order that week because my priorities were out of order. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I grabbed my pen. While consulting God, I made a list of the top priorities of my day. I've written these things down before, but usually somewhere that I don't see often. However, my daily to-do list on my kitchen blackboard, I see all day, every day. At the end of the day, when I hadn't been able to check-off "Organize school supplies" I felt unsuccessful. Did I really NEED to do it THAT day? No, I just really wanted to. If someone were to ask me, "What's the most important thing in your life?" I would never say, "Organizing my shelves." But if I had honestly evaluated my day, it would have appeared by my actions and attitude that cleaning my closet was the most important thing. So I wrote a Daily Mommy To-Do List. These are the things that are most important to me. At the end of the day, if I have accomplished these things, regardless of what tasks remain uncompleted waiting in the wings, I have had a successful day--I have kept "first things first." If I'm off course one day, I can try again tomorrow. "Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23 
  After I jotted it down, I chuckled while imagining what my list would've looked like if I had actually put a check-mark next to the item each time I completed it--especially when my kids were babies. By the item: "Clean them when necessary," I could've had 50 check marks! I can only imagine how many checks my sister who just had twins would have! I discussed my list with my like-minded mommy friend, Shannon, while we were talking about plans for the summer. She really desired to soak up the precious time with her children by reading together, studying the Bible together, and joining them in playing on the playground and such. She like me, wants to keep "first things first" and we know that if we're not intentional, the time will just slip by us. Shannon has graphic design talents, none of which I possess, so she kindly used her skills to bring my list to artistic life! We have it printed and framed to keep the "first things" in front of us. If you would find it beneficial, it is yours to download for free. This list is of course specific to me, so if there are other things that you would add to your list, then I'd love to hear them!

Free Download:
 My Daily Mommy To-Do List Free Printable

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