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I Am From

I Am From I am from pastures of red wildflowers and tickled knees. I am from Momma's clothesline and Papa's tractor resting by the crackled barn. I am from the smell of fresh cut grass, and the taste of clean cool well-water. I am from a neighborhood of ladybugs, spiders, and squirrels. I am from the front porch rocker, purple irises breeze beside the hummingbirds.   I am from a table covered with smoked ribs, fried catfish, red-checkered cloth. I am from a fence of towering oak trees, sheltering the sounds of the world. I am from Momma and Daddy's loving tickles and hugs, sheltering the worries of the world. I am from hours of alone imaginative play--mud pies, dress-up, treasure hunts. I am from a clan of boisterous loyal cousins, aunts, & uncles--smiles and hugs all around! I am from a trusted intimate school, where my baby sister made her debut at show-and-tell. I am from Grandma and Granddad's, floating on black i

Goodbye, Cory Monteith

Such tragic news this morning! The passing of Cory Monteith causes something in my gut to say, "That's not right...It can't be..."  When tragedy strikes someone so young, someone who brings joy to others, it pains us, and forces us to look at the uncertainties of life. 2 years ago I wrote a post about Finn after an episode of Glee wherein Cory's character ponders his own mortality and the existence of God. On a day such as today, it's impossible to avoid reflecting on these "big questions" (as Ms. Pilsbury referred to them). The "big questions" are at the bottom of each and every soul, but many push aside those restless thoughts because the duties of life press for time and attention. I pray that today you do not push aside the "big questions" but instead really explore them. I'm re-posting that 2011 blog here: Glee, Finn, and the Big Questions Sweet Finn—who lost his Daddy when he was a baby, who’s the masculine High