I Am From

I Am From

I am from pastures of red wildflowers and tickled knees.

I am from Momma's clothesline and Papa's tractor resting by the crackled barn.

I am from the smell of fresh cut grass, and the taste of clean cool well-water.

I am from a neighborhood of ladybugs, spiders, and squirrels.

I am from the front porch rocker, purple irises breeze beside the hummingbirds.  

I am from a table covered with smoked ribs, fried catfish, red-checkered cloth.

I am from a fence of towering oak trees, sheltering the sounds of the world.

I am from Momma and Daddy's loving tickles and hugs, sheltering the worries of the world.

I am from hours of alone imaginative play--mud pies, dress-up, treasure hunts.

I am from a clan of boisterous loyal cousins, aunts, & uncles--smiles and hugs all around!

I am from a trusted intimate school, where my baby sister made her debut at show-and-tell.

I am from Grandma and Granddad's, floating on black inner tubes, climbing the weeping willow.

I am from small town football, chili pie in a bag of fritos, marching band music on a Friday night.

I am from Grannie's church, white steeple, white-hair, organ music and hymnals.

I am from a legacy of faith in God, serving the country, bringing good to mankind.

I am from humble ancestors, community builders, monument etched in glass.

I am from the Creator of the universe, uniquely made, designed for relationship.

I am from the cross of Christ, a redeemed soul, a new creation.

I am from a thankful heart, a blessed upbringing, the product of many prayers.

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