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Life After Summer Mission

(originally published 2013, updated 2018) If what started out as the hardest summer of your life -working the longest hours you've ever worked, -being stretched physically, emotionally, and spiritually, -relying on God to make it to the end of the week (much less 5 or 10 weeks), -wondering how you were gonna live happily for that long with all these new people... If you thought all of that was challenging, you had no idea that the biggest challenge came at the end- -after God had pushed you through to the other side: where the work seemed tiring but in a rewarding way, where the schedule stretched you thin, but you now know yourself and God better because of carving out time for Him, where you stepped into scary situations and saw God show up in ways only He can, where you now know once strangers soul to soul, backwards, forwards and sideways, and you love them anyways, where you experienced that they love YOU in spite of every flaw you possess, and that saying goo