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Talk About Pop Music--Miley

This is not a Miley bash. I haven't joined in that conversation. However, my heart smiled while overhearing my girls' conversation in the backseat about the lyrics to a current Miley Cyrus song...

"DJ Paloma" (our loving title to the dear 21-yr-old Spaniard living with us) selects the music for our car rides. A popular choice is "We Can't Stop." As Miley repeats towards the end, "It's our party we can do what we want's my mouth I can say what I want to..." 

My 5 year old declares, "That's not true." She contemplates, then concludes, "She can't say ANYthing she wants to. She can't say something mean."

7 year old joins the conversation, "Well she can say it, but she won't have any friends.If she says whatever she wants to anybody and is mean, then she is a bully. And no one will like her.And she'll be all alone."

I smile and say, "You two are very insightful. Good thinking!&q…