Talk About Pop Music--Miley

This is not a Miley bash. I haven't joined in that conversation. However, my heart smiled while overhearing my girls' conversation in the backseat about the lyrics to a current Miley Cyrus song...

"DJ Paloma" (our loving title to the dear 21-yr-old Spaniard living with us) selects the music for our car rides. A popular choice is "We Can't Stop." As Miley repeats towards the end, "It's our party we can do what we want's my mouth I can say what I want to..." 

My 5 year old declares, "That's not true." She contemplates, then concludes, "She can't say ANYthing she wants to. She can't say something mean."

7 year old joins the conversation, "Well she can say it, but she won't have any friends. If she says whatever she wants to anybody and is mean, then she is a bully. And no one will like her. And she'll be all alone."

I smile and say, "You two are very insightful. Good thinking!"

I was so thankful for this moment. If you've read before, you know we regularly discuss song lyrics as well as movies, tv shows, etc. We examine what attitudes are presented and look for truth vs. falsehoods, heroic qualities vs. foolish qualities. I was rejoicing that my girls--totally unassisted or prompted by me--were actually listening and dissecting what they were hearing!

They concluded that this attitude was foolish because there ARE consequences for our actions!

My heart inwardly rejoiced!

Then my heart inwardly broke.

I thought about Miley. I thought about the consequences of her recent actions based on this attitude. I wondered if she was all alone.

Then my heart inwardly prayed.

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