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Simple & Free Advent Activities for All Ages, Updated

2019 update: This is one of my most shared posts. I've updated the links and added a section for middle school/high school as our kids have grown. If you don't know this about me already, I don't make any profit from this site. There are no ads of any kind.  This is purely a labor of love for you who are reading.   This is a list of ideas and resources for you as you desire to focus on Christ during the Christmas Season. You will see that these are free and simple, but you can amp them up according to your capacity and personality. (If you'd like a beautifully written perspective on why, see this op article from the NYTimes .) The best activities are not the ones loved just by the children, but the ones loved by both children and parents.  Your enthusiasm and follow-through matter! What everyone else is doing on Pinterest doesn't matter! It's not too late or complicated to incorporate something into your Christmas season. That's why I'm i

Packing Light--One Pair of Comfortable Boots

Packing light for 5 people for a 3 day retreat at Pine Cove meant that everyone only took one pair of shoes. Since the weather was excessively cold (for Texas in November) and the activities required lots of walking outdoors, I opted for boots for myself and the kids. My boots, well-broken in, came from Ross $19.99. And I wanted 3 different outfits for the various activities of the weekend: comfy travel, game day spirit, and feminine cute.  My fashion motto for this season is: add something unexpected. On day one, I added a lace scarf to an old flannel shirt. Day 2, I added homemade boot socks (I cut the sleeves off an old maroon sweater). And day 3, I chose large pink enamel hoop earrings to an otherwise classic outfit. I enjoy expressing my creativity through what I wear, and the challenge of frugality and packing light appeals to my personality. I hope you all enjoy packing for your holiday travels! Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Reasons I Could Be Sitting in My Car for an Extended Amount of Time in the Target Parking Lot

1. I'm making my list. Because concentration in a house of 3 joyfully rambunctious kids is negligible. 2. I'm praying. Because somet imes the 3 kids are rambunctious minus the joy.  3. I'm texting/emailing/corresponding because I don't do it while driving or homeschooling, which pretty much means I'm only doing it in parking lots.  4. I'm gathering junk from the inside of the car to drop in the trash can on the way into the store. I'm nothing if not efficient.  5. Target is my happy place, and sometimes I just want the trip to last a little longer.  -- in response to my good friend Shelby Abbott's tweet " The people who sit in their cars for extended periods of time in the Target parking lot freak me out." ;)  

Paraphrase of Colossians 3

I'm working on a new writing project. The meat of it comes from the truths found in Colossians chapter 3, so I've spent hours, literally days worth of hours, studying this passage--background, context, translation, definitions, etc. Then I paraphrased it verse by verse. I found it beneficial for my own heart, so I though I'd share. :) Colossians 3 (written to those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ) 1. Jesus Christ has ultimate authority, the same authority as God the Father. Jesus took the punishment for our wrongdoings--He died in our place. But He defeated death by rising from the grave. Because we have accepted this, we share in His defeat of death. We are made alive in a new way! So [ Command:] we are to pursue righteousness--God and a life that reflects His qualities. 2. Because of our righteousness in Christ , [Command :] change direction, go opposite of the rest of the world. Start with your thoughts. 3. Our sin died with Christ--not just the bad

House of Butter and Other Imaginations

"Wouldn't it be funny if..." This is my son's favorite way to start a conversation. I love that his personality lends itself to verbalizing every imagination. I love getting a glimpse into his little wondrous mind. So I chronicled my favorites over the last year. Bubba's Top Ten "Wouldn't It Be Funny If...?" List 10. Wouldn't it be funny if there was a giant butter cup and we had our house in it, and we could just go outside and dip our fingers in the butter? 9. Wouldn't it be funny if there were 3 sinks in the backseat, and we could just wash our hands in our carseats and not have to use Purell? 8. Wouldn't it be funny if the movie theater had no roof, but instead it was made of gingerbread with icing? 7. Wouldn't it be funny if our house was made of candy and we ate our way to the top? 6. Wouldn't it be funny if there was a show called "Wubby Cubby" and they sang "Wubby Cubby I lub you?" 5