5 Reasons I Could Be Sitting in My Car for an Extended Amount of Time in the Target Parking Lot

1. I'm making my list. Because concentration in a house of 3 joyfully rambunctious kids is negligible.

2. I'm praying. Because sometimes the 3 kids are rambunctious minus the joy. 

3. I'm texting/emailing/corresponding because I don't do it while driving or homeschooling, which pretty much means I'm only doing it in parking lots. 

4. I'm gathering junk from the inside of the car to drop in the trash can on the way into the store. I'm nothing if not efficient. 

5. Target is my happy place, and sometimes I just want the trip to last a little longer. 

--in response to my good friend Shelby Abbott's tweet "The people who sit in their cars for extended periods of time in the Target parking lot freak me out." ;)


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