Packing Light--One Pair of Comfortable Boots

Packing light for 5 people for a 3 day retreat at Pine Cove meant that everyone only took one pair of shoes. Since the weather was excessively cold (for Texas in November) and the activities required lots of walking outdoors, I opted for boots for myself and the kids. My boots, well-broken in, came from Ross $19.99. And I wanted 3 different outfits for the various activities of the weekend: comfy travel, game day spirit, and feminine cute.
 My fashion motto for this season is: add something unexpected. On day one, I added a lace scarf to an old flannel shirt. Day 2, I added homemade boot socks (I cut the sleeves off an old maroon sweater). And day 3, I chose large pink enamel hoop earrings to an otherwise classic outfit.

I enjoy expressing my creativity through what I wear, and the challenge of frugality and packing light appeals to my personality. I hope you all enjoy packing for your holiday travels! Happy Thanksgiving!

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