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My Annual Fashion Experiment: 36 days, 16 hangers.

My annual hobby of creating a new outfit each day from a few articles of clothing for the month of March while my family serves on location for Big Break , a student conference. 36 days, 16 hangers. This year's fashion experiment proved more challenging as my wardrobe needed to be more professional. I'm not drawn to trousers and blazers, so I tried to make outfits that were equally respectable, modest, appropriate, and fun. My wardrobe began with staples: tank and leggings in neutral colors (black, cream, navy), jeans, white button down, chambray button down, white sweater, and cream sweater. From there, it gets fun! And my disclaimer as always: I do not idolize clothes, nor what people think of me wearing them. I do enjoy clothes. I also enjoy things that are pleasing to the eye--colors, textures, and things of beauty. It brings me pleasure to play around with them, and I have fun creating variety. I enjoy the challenge of being frugal, but don't find ultimate

Table Talk--Happiness Melts, Joy Remains.

Join us at our kitchen table... And lest you think we have perfect attention spans and poetic conversations flowing at our house, insert a myriad of these comments during this conversation, "Sit right in your seat; your hair is in the syrup, don't kick your sister, please ask without whining, etc."  The kids ran to breakfast singing a new chorus, "Jesus is my ice cream sundae!"I laughed at their enthusiasm and questioned the origin of this new song. "It's Pookie Tiger. We got it at church. She says Jesus is like ice cream because ice cream makes her happy, and that Jesus also makes her happy and makes her feel good." I laughed and said, "I don't think I agree with Pookie Tiger's theology, but I'm so glad that Jesus makes you happy." Big sis crumpled her brow, "Whatta ya mean you don't agree?" I explained, "Well a lot of people leave the church, and turn their back on God because they expect God