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My Annual Fashion Experiment: 36 days, 16 hangers.

My annual hobby of creating a new outfit each day from a few articles of clothing for the month of March while my family serves on location for Big Break, a student conference. 36 days, 16 hangers.

This year's fashion experiment proved more challenging as my wardrobe needed to be more professional. I'm not drawn to trousers and blazers, so I tried to make outfits that were equally respectable, modest, appropriate, and fun. My wardrobe began with staples: tank and leggings in neutral colors (black, cream, navy), jeans, white button down, chambray button down, white sweater, and cream sweater. From there, it gets fun!

And my disclaimer as always:
I do not idolize clothes, nor what people think of me wearing them. I do enjoy clothes. I also enjoy things that are pleasing to the eye--colors, textures, and things of beauty. It brings me pleasure to play around with them, and I have fun creating variety. I enjoy the challenge of being frugal, but don't find ultimate satisfaction in the bargain. I truly believe that God gives me these bargains as a way of showering not only His provision, but also His affection. 

Typically I put a total amount spent as part of the experiment,  but since this year so many items were gifts, I estimated the value, and labeled the bargains God provided.

Left = Twisted Simplicity Geo shirt (Christmas present. est. cost = $40) with AE jeans, Black mini heel T-straps from DSW $13. On a colder day I layered the TS shirt under an AE crop sweater and added a scarf that I made from the scrap of a previous skirt (no sew! Just knot and loop!). On right, my trusty Forever21 tissue bf shirt (bought last year for $19.99, have worn it differently through all four seasons!) over basic black tank and leggings. I made the zebra print infinity scarf from a scrap. (Y'all scarfs are the easiest thing to make--straight stitches!) Printed colorful leggings and these turquoise suede booties were my fun purchases for 2014. Both only $13!! (Leggings from Zulily, boots from DSW).
My brown maxi. Fave item FOR SURE! So comfy! So versatile! Good in cold or warm weather! Got this treasure at Cira for $20 last summer. Paired with my basics-- last year's white crop sweater (a steal at Aero for $3!), AE cream crop sweater (Christmas present, est. $20), my practically worn out chambray from 2 yrs ago (Walmart 99cents!), and a new addition--soft coral hoodie from TJMaxx clearance rack for $10 even. I love that super-size shell necklace that was my Grandma's. She got it in Hawaii in the 80's.
More outfits with the coral hoodie. A hoodie can be good for work with a pearl necklace and floral skirt with leggings. I got this skirt at TJMaxx for $12. For a day of errands, I wore it with my drawstring jeans from my Italy 2012 wardrobe This peachy stripe shirt, also from TJMaxx for $9. I plan to wear it tucked into the floral skirt in the near future.
Another fun Christmas gift card purchase! These Twisted Simplicity geometric wide leg pants! TS will have great sales, just keep an eye out--I scored these for $20 (and secret: they feel like pajama pants! Sooo comfortable, yet professional!) I tied my bf white shirt and added a pop of tangerine jewelry for contrast. Also worn with the Aero crop and another treasure from Grandma's closet--this hot pink scarf! On the right, I'm at the regional Women's Conference, which started THE DAY I got home from Big Break, so I continued using clothes that were already packed in my bag. This grey floral shirt I got on clearance at TJ Maxx for $7.
Added another basic to my wardrobe: longsleeve white T. Kohl's, $6. I could've worn it with a diff scarf every day. This blue floral scarf was a gift from my friends in Spain! It can be worn as a drape, but for a casual look, I braided it. Here's an upclose of my fave new bracelet-- Noonday collection handmade paper beads from Uganda. My mom gifted this to me because she knows how I love to style with a purpose. All proceeds fund school, meals, and ministry in Uganda.

Another gift from Spain! I love this turquoise tunic! I wore it as a dress, tunic, and beach cover up!
Splurge! Twisted Simplicity dress, $40. I LOVE the details on this dress! And I've worn it in cold or warm weather.
I almost said adios to this Forever21 dress that I've had for several years. It's still in good shape, it's just not my favorite, and I didn't find the cut of the sleeves to be that flattering. But it matched my accessories and shoes, so I brought it along and wore it 2 different ways with both sweaters. I have an upclose of the Aero sweater so you can see the details. Lace is so feminine! :) And this turquoise clutch can also be a cross-body. I bought it in Italy in 2012.
Last but love is my yellow blazer. I told you I don't care for blazers, but my mom knows me well--she bought me this jacket at Twisted Simplicity (and on sale!) because it is casual with 3/4 sleeves and it's soft--made of thick tshirt/Jersey fabric. I slipped this pal on and my outfit is instantly ready for me to take the stage for teaching. And still cool and comfy while I'm up there!
I transformed the maxi skirt from my 2012 Big Break wardrobe into an asymmetrical mini for myself and both girls. Just like the orange scarf, this fabric is no-fray, so I left the edges undone. I also got crafty with our Big Break 2014 tshirt. ;)
More craftiness with an oversize BB tee, and previous years' BB and Summer Project T's. Fitting for our 2014 theme of "Reclaimed and Restored." :) Glad our 2014 tshirts were also style with a purpose. :)

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