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Talk About Pop Music-- American Authors

"Oo-oo-oo--oo This is gonna be the best day of my li-i-ife..." We love this song! Catchy, clean, fun! Dance party in the car while Daddy drives! One day after hearing it for probably the 50th time, Sweet Pea asked, "WHY is it gonna be the best day of his life?" I said quickly, so as to not disrupt the happy bouncing of our car sing-along, "Good question. Listen to the whole song, and see if you can answer that at the end." When the song ended, I turned down the volume and asked the 3 in the backseat, "So, what do you think?" Big sister jumped in immediately: "They were up late. So late that the sun came up." Then from the side of her mouth, "Probably college students--because they are awake when everyone else is sleeping," said the daughter of 2 college ministers. Sweet Pea dug for deeper meaning: "All the possibilities...what does 'no limits' mean?" (She didn't even attempt to pronounce '