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Summer Playlist, 25 Family Friendly Songs

  Even though stores are transitioning to Fall merchandise, it's the dog days of Summer here in Texas. I am not embracing flannel and knitwear just yet. We're still relishing in the pool and ice cream sundaes. Here's our soundtrack for Summer 2014. Our mix spans the decades, genres, and encompasses sunshine, fun, late nights, and other things that we associate with summer. 1. Summer, Calvin Harris . Gotta start off with the 2014 Summer anthem! 2. A Place in the Sun, Stevie Wonder . 1966. 3. Summer's Comin' , Clint Black. 1994. 4. Soak Up the Sun, Cheryl Crow . 2002. This brings up good conversations like, "What's a communist?" ;) 5. Little Deuce Coupe, The Beach Boys . 1963. I can't have a summer playlist without a Beach Boys song. 6. Song of the South, Alabama . 1988. I love the history in this song, and my kids love singing about sweet potato pie! 7. The Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise, Boston . 1997 (or 1812 depending

20 Ways with a White T-Shirt & Navy Shorts

Preparing to move across the ocean, I donated a large portion of my wardrobe. People asked me what I intended to wear in the meantime. Not a problem with these staples. I laid my white shirt (I actually have 2 of these $5 white shirts, so laundry is usually not an issue) and navy shorts on my bed and arranged 20 different outfits. It was a fun way to spend an hour on my day off! :) And because I took pictures, now when I'm deciding what to wear, I just pull out my phone and have an outfit already thought of and accessorized! :)