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Reviving Grandma's Closet

Last year my grandma let me rummage through excess clothes in her closet. Most of them didn't fit me (or her anymore for that matter), but she said I could take what I wanted to do with as I wanted. Thanks, Grandma! Here's what I selected and how I transformed them. I cut and hemmed this long prairie skirt to knee-length and cut out some of the fullness by taking it in at the side seams. Also, these white beads are another hand-me-down from Grandma. She gave me several pieces of jewelry that I kept as is, and I've been wearing them all year in a variety of ways! This too large denim dress became a vest after I removed the sleeves and skirt. I left the sleeves frayed by the seam. Denim vests are so versatile and add a casual effect to dresses. Grandma had a mid-length skirt that I combined with a piece from a second denim dress to make this style shirt, which I had seen on campus and in magazines that season. Lastly this Land's End t-shirt dress